Must Have Needed It…

I have had my computer on all afternoon. It was on before 12 noon in hopes that I would have gotten on it before 5 p.m. but it turned out to be a no since I turned it on. so here I am now…writiing in my entry since after midnight this morning. I had awakened up at 8 a.m. this morning to Jimmy and Kelly calling me and then later when Kelly called me before she left for church with her husband and our two friends Janessa and Chad. I haev not heard from anyone after that until noon when my mother from New Mexico called to talk to me for a few minutes. Then I shut the phone off not expecting any phone calls the rest of the day that were of major importance since all my important calls had come in by noon today. When I shut the phone off, I did not expect any calls but noticed I did have a phone call from an acquaintence named Hope. I half listened to her message and deleted no wanting to answer to the call when I checked at 6 p.m. this early evening. I like Hope but we will never be good friends like we were once several years ago for reasons of problems in the past. My life is going in a different direction from hers and I have my life to live and I do have my close friends and church family to worry about now. Hope and I will never be close friends again for some reason.

Anyway, after I got the call from my mom, I took a nap on the couch, while watching Toon Disney from 12:30 p.m. on to 5:30 p.m.. I decided to get up, even though feeling gross from sleeping a lot today, Anyway, I slept all day instead of spending the entire day online here and surfing the web. My Nellie Mom and her neice Lois went to a wedding out of town today so Nellie brought me the newspapers she had read instead of me going down to get them myself while she was gone knowing that a neighbor would take them to read for herself and I no longer wanted (this neighbor) to have them to read anymore. Anyway, I decided, a few minutes ago, to order a 16″ veggie sub with chips and a pickle, and a Pepsi for supper. I have a slight headache from not eating a lot of food today because I slept most of the day today. In fact, I DID sleep the entire day away because I have only given myself a few hours of early evening and late evening hours today. What a Sunday this turned out to be!!

Right now, missing an hour of the movie on Lifetime with Harry Hamlin and Annie Potts, I am watching “Her Deadly Rival”. I looks like a good movie, but it looks kind of scary to some degree because a wife and husband are stalked by another woman who says she is having an affair with this wife’s husband. some not so nice things have happened to Annie Pott’s character already and we have a half an hour left of the movie. I can not wait until 9 p.m. to watch Strong Medicine with Rosa Blasi, who happens to be one of my favorites on the show along with Richardson. This is how my Sunday has turned out. I am getting hungry. I am actually starving! I cannot wait until my veggie sub gets here. I love their veggie subs!!!!

Will I be back later tonight? I do not know for sure at this time. Maybe after Strong Medicine which ends at 10 p.m. tonight – excuse me – starts at 8 p. to 9 p. tonight. Maybe I will at 9 p.m. now. I have to run for now. My supper will be here shortly. I am hungry now, LOL. Bye for now.

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