Last Entry for 6/14

This is my last entry for the night of 6/14. I got my call from my friend Kelly. We prayed and chatted for a few minutes but she was too tired to really talk about anything. That’s ok. She is going to the school tomorrow and I will more so go with her. We might go to the library afterwards for a while as well but we are not sure of the weather at this time. My muscles are achy on the left arm elbow and wrist so I am uncertain about the weather and which direction it is going right this minute. It is a few minutes before midnight and I am getting droopy and sleepy. I FORGOT to take my eveninig dose of Celexa, oops! I have to get caught up tomorrow by taking the two scheduled doses tomorrow morning and night. I think I will be ok for tonight anyway. I will be going to bed shortly. I hope anyway, lol. Good night and God Bless all of you! No midnight entry tonight. Bye for now.

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