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Kelly and I got to the library today for a couple of hours. We got new library cards, finding out that I have a $15 lost book charge, lol. I did not know about the lost books actually but that’s ok. I am not in trouble or anything. $15 is not a bad payment for books. In fact, I am suprised that they are so understanding of my situation. I am low-income.

I was able to get on line at the library this morning. They have time limit on the internet there and that is no big deal. I would not spend an 1 hr and 30 mins on line at the library anyway. I have my own computer at home and that is unlimited time here. Yeah!

I got home from the library about 12:39 p.m., glad to be back in a cool place. Before getting on line, I took care of the cat box and garbage as I planned. I got home and turned the television on to the Arts and Entertainment channel and noticed that an hour program talking about the latest Harry Potter Movie based on the book by Rawlings. I was not impressed by it because it is based on Witchcraft and wizardry, and my feelings about that are of the devil. The movie, following the program is The Good Son with Makaulay Calkin. It is a good movie if you like actions of a child who has something wrong with him where he likes to do bad things and cause troubles. I remember, in my worldly days that one of my boyfriends at the time the movie came out and I went to see it on a date thing. I really do not like it anymore. Where is my remote control! I can not find that right now, lol, and forty minutes of the movie had played already, eeek.

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