After Midnight

Bedtime is soon to come. It should have came hours ago, lol. It is summer and boredom has arrived along with it but some days are perfect and full of activities and things to do. Half of the month of June has passed now and it feels great to see the summer come and go so quickly. I can not really complain when there are things to look forward to. Today, in a few hours, I will be looking forward to talking to Kelly when she calls and talk to her as I have somethiing good to say to her that I could not say last night when she was half asleep and tired after taking her sleeping medicine. I have been thinking about our friendship and togetherness all day yesterday and realized how much my acquaintance Hope really annoys me and our friendship will never rekindle itself after many years of rocky moments that seem to last forever in my heart. With Kelly, I do not have to worry about our rocky points because we always discuss things before going to bed and be good friends again before falling asleep. With Hope, I will never agree to a stronger friendship because I do not see a friendship between us anymore. It has been too many years of confusion and heartbreak, and even though Hope is an adult, she got her mother involved in a coupleo of our arguments causing me to have to turn away from her for good. I will talk to her on the phone now and then, and get together with her off and on, but a friendship will probably take years of trying. I have failed there enough.

While I was writing this, my computer modem disconnected! I hate that!

More later today for now.

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