My Feeling Secluded to Friends Only 2

I do have to agree that my friends have to stop talking about each other behind backs and so forth because it hurts. I should know, it hurts me very much. Yet, I am a doer of talking behind a person’s back too, but I am changing that. Janessa and I talked and she told me that with what happened Wednesday and Thursday between us is done and over with and her job interview, to her, was a flop anyway because her interviewer seemed rude and irritated and did not ask that many questions. They pretty much sat there saying nothing. Janessa was frustrated. I just have to remember not to call her on Thursdays and Fridays. Thursdays is her day of laundry and other chores, and Friday nights she works at the Moose Lodge in town. I was forgiven.

The only thing is this…how long will it be before I irritate someone in my friendly group again? Not long, lol. It seemms that way anyaway.

I feel I have talked until I have been blue in the face with some people in my life. I have asked some people to come directly to me if they have a problem with me somewhere instead of talking to someone else behind my back. I do not hav a problem having someone talk to someone else for advice on how to handle the problem, but…the person they talk to does not need to come to me. It makes me feel like a baby and I already have some of those issues related to my family already. Anyway, it does not matter. My talking until I am blue in the face does not count anyway. I am only one person with an opinion, but soome 0f those people do not like it when problems between them and a friend is meshed around between other people who are not in the situation or the problem.

Here I am…talking until I am blue in the face – again. Sometimes I feel I have been hit right in the face.

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