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Two of my entries were made for “friends only” today. Something was pressing on my mind for a long time – since Wednesday – and I needed to make it semi-private but yet share my thoughts with my online Dear Diary friends. Today was not all bad, but feelings were needed to be expressed after receiving an e-mail from a friend that was a little confusing. I also have my period which is no fun whatsoever. LOL, I did not keep that private did I?! That’s ok. This is my journal, my place, my words. Like some past entries I will make them totally private or for “friends only” and that will be a choice I will make from time to time. I have been leaving my journal wide open for the whole world to see lately, and sometimes I need to make things more personal. I know who Dear Diary diarists are my friends and who they aren’t. The internet is a wide world place and not the whole world knows me, lol. Anyway, I would like to thank my DD friends for their comments today of June 26, 2004! Thanks!

I will be back later. This is another late nighter…

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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