1st Entry of the Day and the Last For 6/28/04

I have not been on line that much today. In fact, I spent the entire morning away from home running errands with my friend Mark. I got back a little after 12 p.m. and spent the rest of the day home with the phone not ringing much again today. Maybe only four times, I believe six times in reality. That’s ok,it was another nice quiet day. I am a little hyped because of the fact that I will be involved in a venture right along with my mother in Mary Kay. In fact, I will be meeting with my MK director Thursday afternoon. YEAH! YEAH YEAH! I am EXCITED! I have also been using my cell phone more, too. That is another YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! once again, LOL

I do not know how long I will be hearing fireworks around the neighborhood, but by the time I see the 4th of July end, I will be sick and tired of the things going off. Fireworks can be pretty and fun to see but they are dangerous and I could care less about seeing them unless there was a big event like I have seen four years ago in Madison, Wisconsin or in 1987 in Albuquerque, New Mexico as a birthday gift from my mother since I kind of got sick on my birthday that year. But I can care less about the fireworks in Jansville, Wisconsin because they are no big deal here. They do not last that long here!! Bummer. Oh yeah, I did see the fireworks in Milton a couple of years ago or so and that was fun because there was a carnival and I love carnivals! That was a fairly big deal that year. I went with friends I love dearly.

I have some sad news to spill. My dear friend Greggy (REB) is in the hospital again for a multiple of reasons. His diabetes is out of control, he is depressed a lot, and he is not a very happy camper. His time in the hospital is monitored stictly and his blood sugar is out of control and even though under hospitalization, it yet unstable and not controlled. I do not know how long he will be in the hospital right now. He was admitted on Friday. We will lose him one day and that timely death is unknown to us but his death is known to God. I feel so helpless except through prayer and hope and believe me, hope has been risen so much in me that I have had a lot of hope squashed in my 33 1/2 years.

Why do I say 33 1/2 years? Well, in reality, I will be only 33 for the next six days. On Saturday, I will be 34 years old or 34 years young however anyone looks at it. Any which way, I will be 34. Ok, now I just said something secretative again, lol. Shhh! LOL

It seems that my day has come and gone quickly today. Probably because of the fact that I had things to do this morning. I have plans to be somewhere tomorrow morning as well, but it will be only a few minutes I will be gone anyway. I just have to go down the street, away from my apartment building to go to the Job Center to hand something in to my DVR counselor regarding school information. At this point, I feel I am in a good standing with my schooling. YeAH!

Well, I think, at this time, going to leave my writing at this point and come back tomorrow. I am really at a loss for words now. Good night everyone! I think, for the next three days, I am going to only write entry per day until July. I have written 73 entries this month! YIKES! WOW!

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