July 11

Not Taking Any Risks
The weather looks questionable right now at 3:50 p.m. this afternoon. I feel I can not take any risk in writing in my journal later because I may have to shut down my computer for evening and night before too long. Anyway, I really do not have a whole lot to say right now since it is mid afternoon hours now. I feel I have been up only four hours so far but in reality I have been up for hours.

Kristi’s Public Journal
I have a new place where I write in my thoughts and feelings. It is My Public Journal. This is one place where I will write thoughts beyond my one entry per day here at Dear Diary. I hope that I will have visitors there often. I will add a counter to that page so I can check it out.

Good Bye For the Day
Without taking a risk in staying on line, I am going to say good bye to all my friends for the rest of the day of July 11, 2004 and come back tomorrow sometime. Sorry I do not have a lot to say right now. It is just a quiet afternoon here at home with my phone ringing little and Emilee being nearby constantly. It’s a good day to take it easy nd be lazy somewhat. Tomorrow i am back to business.

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