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I have been up since 6:50 a.m. when my friend Mark called to make sure I was ok and awake. I went to the travel agency I have been doing business with for the past two years and got my plane ticket for my Thanksgiving trip to Pennsylvania. While Mark drove me from place to place and got me back to where I wanted to be afterwards, I felt sick for some reason. His driving must have gotten to me somewhat, lol. I am ok now. Anyway, my morning, busy at 7 a.m., is still busy. I met Kelly at the job center and saw a friend of hers with her. A friend from school anyway. After Kelly’s appointment at the job center, she and our college school friend went to do some errands and have lunch somewhere because they have not seen each other a lot since classes ended in May, and I walked home from the Job center with all that stuff in hand and glad to be back home safe in my apartment for the day.

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