10:30 p.m.

It is late and I will be leaving to go with my parents in the morinng to go up north to be with more family. I will not return until Monday sometime but time is yet unknown. Who cares right now anyway. I am ready to go. I am tired and ready for bed. I took a shower earlier this evening and it felt real good. The only thing was the fact I could not enjoy it for very long because my smoke detector went off from the heat from the bathroom. It drove me nuts! LOL Anyway it is late and it is time for me to say good night. I will take a journal with me and write in it about my weekend and record all the happenings when on the proper date when I get back home on Monday. There will never be a date with nothing anymore here.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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  1. Aweeeeeeeeeee, I’m sorry I missed your birthday. Wishing you a warm, happy, and joyous belated birthday!

    Sometimes our emotions just get the best of us. I’m sure you’ll be fine by the time you head out for your 4 day trip. I hope you have a wonderful time surrounded by your family and friends.

    Much love, Maggie

  2. jodolphin says:


    You have a great journal sis keep it up. I love what you did to it!



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