August 1

It has been one fine weekend so far. I will be returning home tomorrow to be with Emilee again. Talking to Emilee’s caregiver a short time ago, I have heard she is being a good kitty and everything is fine. So my worries are not there now, but they were earlier this morning for some reason. Anbyway, today is nota bad day either! The sun is out and it is cool out. “Aunt” Donna has a little screen house to keep the mosquitoes and bugs out and I sat in there this morning all by myself reading a good book and drinking a Diet Rite. I had some quiet time this morning, which I haven’t really had since Friday when Mom, Lonnie, and I got here to Omro, Wisconsin. It was a pleasant time to have time for myself with no worries and no one to bother me.

I personally did not think I did not have a chance to get on line here because I am always skeptical to get on someone else’s computer but “Aunt” Donna is ok with it I guess, lol. Anyway, I will be returning home tomorrow, get myself ready to have my frist Mary Kay facial on Tuesday evening, and go from there. Anyway, I will write more tomorrow and update on my weekend when I have acecess to my own computer. This computer, which is not Donna’s fault, is slower than molasses and I am so used to DSL modem speed, lol.

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