I am still not feeling that hot but I am feeling better. When I had awakened, I felt like I was put under water and had to sit up quickly in order to breathe. It felt weird! Anyway, just a bit ago my nose began to run like a running water spicket, lol. It must be clearing up FINALLY!

Mary Kay Facial at 6:30 p
I have a facial to do at 6:30 p.m. tonight. I am excited about it and everything and yet a little nervous. Thankfully, it is 2 hrs away yet. lol!

My Weekend
A lot of things happened this weekend. I was gone to Omro, Auroraville, Saxeville, and Red Granite, Wisconsin to be with family and relatives. I had a good weekend. It was somewhat emotional because of the fact that a lot of memories were talked about and pictures were looked at, and stories were shared. I did not talk much but I listened more so and spoke when spoken to or when there was a break in conversation somewhere. I am not much of a social person unless I am with people who share the same interested and hobbies as me. I talked to “Aunt” Donna a lot because we share a hobby of scrapbooking and “old” pictures. I had fun, though. I do have to admit that there was little time to have for myself but I did find some of the time for myself and read a good book. I was, when Monday rolled around, glad to be back home in my own home and bed. A day later, though, on Tuesday, I had realized I had gotten my mom’s cold and believe me I know she did not plan on sharing it with me but she did! LOL I forgive her! I will write more later regarding my weekend.

Good Bye For Now
I will be back later…

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  1. *~Kristi~*

    We’re back into cold season again. I hope I dont come down with a cold…feel better.

    Glad that the family reunion went well. Its always nice to see your family and look at pictures and talk about the past and your old memories. Emotional, yes. Relieving, yes. Good feeling, yes.

    Anyway…glad your facial went well also!


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