10 p.m Entry: Last One For The Night

The last couple of hours have been both a joy and mixed. My friend Kelly called and told me that I had gotten JO in a depessed mood and I did not mean it. I talked to JO about an hour ago and we worked it out and it was an accident and I did not intend to depress her. She said I had blown her off and she wanted me to know this before the night went out and we saw each other in the morning. Also, in the same phone call, Kelly was upset and she did not know what to do as the tears spilled out and crying burst from her inside. She had a headache and did not feel emotionally right for the past couple of days. What a life we sometimes live. An emotional one!

I got done talking to Kelly a second ago and she told me a story about someone calling the fire department and there were a lot of ambulances and trucks and police cars at their building today. Kelly and Jimmy, CN and JO had to leave for a while because of all the ruckus that was going on. Other tenants also did not evacuate the building either…finding out from Kelly that there was no fire in the building. Some people! All of my friends at the apartment complex they live in seem to be the only ones who have a level head on their shoulders these days!

It is going on 10:20 p.m. now and it is late. I will be going to a movie and lunch with my friend JO and her neice in the morning. How exciting!

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