I had one of those dreams that should have been dreamt a long time ago. A long time ago being in my teenage years. I had one of my teachers from high school in my dream teaching a class — a math class and an English class. I remember bouncing back and forth from one class to another — college classes! I had walked into one of the clasrooms where this one teacher was teaching and we were working on math and English at the same time. It was strange Another thing that was strange was a phone call I had gotten on my cell phone! I answered my phone will walking to a friend’s house and when I heard the voice it was the voice of my grandfather asking me if I was ready to go to a funeral. I was freaking out because the time frame was 2004 but my grandparents were alive and my father was working one day and ended up getting killed by a suspect’s gun while trying to apprehend him. I was freaking out when I was walking into my math class crying and scared.

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