I feel that I am not totally back to writing in my journal just yet for some reason. I was gone all weekend long to a Women’s Retreat and I am yet still in total awe about it all. I had a fantastic time all weekend long except when I had gotten a terrible migraine that caused me to throw up twice in one evening before literally falling asleep. I felt horrible but embarrassed more so than feeling sick. My two hotel roommates were so good to me during the lst night of the retreat. I DID NOT allow my overnight illness ruin my weekend whatsoever even though I had to throw in a waste basket the first time and the toilet the second time. Yes, I know it was and is gross but that is one memory that sticks to mind real well yet. As for the rest of the weekend, I was moved and awed by the speaker GA (G A) – a woman who definitely has wonderful speaking skills, which I do not have, LOL.

Today I did not want to answer the phone to just anyonoe — only a select few of course. Even a neighbor knocked at my door twice and I did not feel like answering the door — just laying there watching television and not daring to move to make sound someone home other than the television set going on. Emilee was not with me during the weekend so I was spending my time with her.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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