Vacation Looks Great Right Now!

We are still have troubles with the neighbor across the hall. In fact, my surrogate mom has been nootsleeping well at night because of the neighbor’s unrelenting noise and denying it everytime the manager talks to her. I have, for the past two nights lost sleep myself and it is beginning to drive me crazy because I am falling asleep during the afternoon for more than an hour. I really do not know what to think of this neighbor anymore, really. I do not mean to be a complaining idiot here regarding my neighbor but that is all that has been going on in here where I live lately. Getting away from here is like pulling teeth! The way things have been going on for the past couple of days, I need a knockout pill for one night where I do not hear anything and get a good night’s rest. staying up until midnight is beginning to drain me. This neighbor has to cool her jets a bit or she might be evicted from here and not be able to live in another subsidized apartment complex for three years. Being her neighbor has been both pleasant and unpleasant and definitely unpleasant f0r the past several weeks. She is very demanding and one of the biggest snoops around here that matches aboout two others I know of too well. I cannot think of anything nice about her anymore because of the lies and denials she has done for the longest time and at one time I really enjoyed doing Bible study with her but NOT anymore. She took that pleasure away from me when she lied and denied this and that. I do not understand people like her anymore.

As I sit here writing my thoughts of anger and disappointment all over again, I am looking so forward to getting away from here for Christmas for a week. The vacation to New Mexico for Christmas is looking great right now and time is not going fast enough, but my friend KW said that she is done with school as of December 16th 2004 for the semester.

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