Oh My Goodness!

Three nights of little sleep now because of the neighbor across the hall making excessive noise after 10 p.m.. I finally, as bad as I felt not wanting to, filled out a complaint form against this neighbor. My heart does not feel so good but it sure does help take a lot of burden off my mind and body. With the little sleep I had the past three nights, I have noticed for the past hour how tired I am and wanting to go to sleep but won’t. I have an appointment this afternoon at 1:30 p.m. with my psychiatrist and I am going to tell him everything from the past three days believe me! I even tried calling the counseling office to see if i can get in sooner but momentarily I can not get in any sooner without having an conflict of getting there myself. I have had it regarding some things here at the apartment building but believe me…I feel safe in my own place and I will hide out if I need to but it is getting to me a litle. I was in good spirits for a couple of days at least. I will write more later. Bye for now.

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