What Happened Today A whole lot happened today. I was out in the chilly world now bearing its winter chill with biting wind and colder temperatures. It was not as bas as it was yesterday or the day before, but it was cold enough. I was even surprised that I went out in it to go to the post office to get a product mailed to a customer, go to the bank, and then meet two friends to go out to eat at Culvers for lunch, and then come home to where the chill is less but still in my apartment. I have been home since a little before 4 p.m., and now the time is 6:15 p.m. where Murder, She Wrote is playing on television on the Biography Channel 116. My day was busy today and despite the cold weather, I am glad that i got out of my apartment for a while today — althought I wish I would have stayed home out of the chill and relaxed, but I can and will do it tomorrow all day long and get some cleaning done around here. I am actually making dents in places I forgot existed! LOL

The Lovely Neighbor From Across the Hall My world with the neighbor across the hall is still causing some havoc in me. I was not home no more than ten minutes or so when I heard and felt a cart hit the wall on the other side of my bathroom It was, to me. deliberate and nasty sounding…it could have haen an accident, but knowing this neighbor’s true identity of lying and biting tongue, I could not tell you what really is true anymore with her. This neighboro has caused sleepless nights here with me that my Christmas in New Mexico sounds like a total dream vacation away…I still can not leave my Emilee Cuddles without the feeling of her needing me. She has been clinging onto me a lot lately — ever since this meighbor has been caught in her lies and true self with me.

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  1. Jamisinc says:

    Thanks for the sweet Christmas wishes. I hope you have a great Christmas too.


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