DVD Problems & DVD Fixed..

Honestly, the cable guy didn’t know what he was doing! I could not get sound out of my DVD player but a picture. I was getting totally baffled and confused. I had called my friend Mark who is mechanically inclined about cable things…and he told me he would come and tale a look at it tomorrow. Well, a little bit ago, I thought I would get another look at myself to see what the problem was and saw that something was not pushed in all the way. That is why I was not getting sound but a picture, everyone! The cords on one of my converters was not hooked up at all. The cords were hanging out. All I had to do was push them in and wholla, sound! I did it all by myself. I am more inclined to understanding cable connections than I want to believe I guess. Still I think the cable guy did not know what he was doing because he did not tell me that the cords were not pushed in. That makes me kind of mad but only temporarily anyway. Not mad anymore, lol.

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