My mom is done with the computer for the time being so I am back. They are watching a Christmas movie that was recorded on TiVO some time ago and it is not one of my favorites so I decided, w/ permission of course, came back online to write more and get e-mails. Don’t worry…still a great Christmas anyway. Just don’t want to get bored now, lol. Anyway, my nose has been playing a hand held Yahtzee game for a bit and it was getting to become a routine…a routine I do not going over and over. I am going to let them watch their movie while I listen to it. It sounds better that way…not so bad that way anyway. To describe the movie it is about a boy who gets a gun for Christmas – I believe a BB gun but I am not totally sure. I have seen that movie on for a number of years!! It is getting kind of old to me. I am having fun now…It is Christmas Day here.

The Hole In Pants
I thought you might get a laugh out of this one…I have a hole in my pants (blue jeans) and I am so GLAD that I do not have a real big one. It is where it needs not to be, lol. Oh Oh…lol. I am ok though. It is not real big and I am glad of that. They are doable for now.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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