Even though Christmas dinner is now out of the way and supper of leftover turkey on bread and potatoes and yams, it still feels like Christmas. The spirit is still there in my heart. I am still going crazy over all my gifts and time here in New Mexico. I know for a fact that I am going to sleep well for my third night here tonight. In fact I can not believe that I have been here three full days already. It is amazing that time is going quickly…

We have watched Christmas movies:

1. Christmas in Connecticut
2. Twice Upon A Christmas
3. Mr.Ed (TV series – (Christnas episode))

My mom’s hubby is Christmas movie’d out for today, lol. We will watch another Christmas movie that was recorded tomorrow. Right now my mom, a Star Trek fan, is watching Star Trek: TNG that was recorded on TiVO yesterday. I am kind of watching it too…a TV is in the den where the computers are.

A Different Feeling
Please go to Dear Diary journal under the name “sabbathkeeper”. What I am about to write is something spiritual. It would fit here nicely but it can nto wait to be written or I will forget to write about it tomorrow. The title is “A Different Feeling”.

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