My Last DaY In New Mexico

Even though it is going on 7 p.m. back in Wisconsin, it is only going on 6 p.m. here in New Mexico. Today, being my last full day visiting for the Christmas holiday, it has been good. We had planned on going to a Mexican restuarant today but it turned out that one place had a 30 minute wait and one was closed, so we decided to go out to eat at The Red Chimney for BBQ instead. I was game for that indeed as a second option next to Mexican food. I was disappointed regarding the Mexican food, but I got over it quickly when the Red Chimney was mentioned. The Red Chimney is like our Famous Dave’s in Janesville, Wisconsin. After we got back from lunch, it was not long afterwards that Mom and I ran to Wal-Mart and Skye Bee’s for a few minutes. Now we are home relaxing. (I had gotten up this morning and packed). I have a suitcase full of things now…lol…

Like I said before, we are home relaxing now. I am still full from lunch at The Red Chimney, lol. My appetite, although big, has been good. I feel full after one plate full of food. I will talk about that later.

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