1st Entry Of the Year 2005 Thoughts of the Day

I thought, before retiring to bed for the night that I would write an entry. I do not know how short or long this entry is going to obe but I am going to touch base with New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day as much as I can. First of all, I can not believe that 2004 is gone and 2005 has arrived. The year 2004 went by so very quickly in some places and slow in others. Time went by slowly last night until midnight hit but I was having fun with friends celebrating the New Year with food and chat, and opening of gifts. I spent the night at KW and JW’s place last night and by the time everyone left, we went to bed. I feel that time went by slowly but that is ok because I wanted to sleep. JW and I went to churh this morning while KW stayed home and rested up. After church JW was dropped off and I was dropped off at home where I ended up watching Touched By An Angel Marathon on the Hallmark Channel and falling asleep. I ended up taking a nap. It was a good start of the New Year despite the weather got pretty bad with raining sleet and some icy patches on streets and side roads. I did not fall down on icy patches but almost did, lol.

A surprise in my e-mail.
I had finally gotten on my e-mail after 7 p.m. tonight to check my e-mails. I had gotten an e-mail from a moderator of one of the groups I am a member of. The e-mail was telling me that I have been chosen for “Friend of the Month” for December 2004. My heart did an extra beat. It was wonderful news to read.

Thank you everyone.
My dear friends…I would like to thank you all for helping me get to the top 10 list. I was suprised when one of my regulars had posted a comment congratulating me on making the Top 10 list. Thanks friends! Love you all always and forever in Christ.

Good night Y’all.
I am going ot log off for the night and come back tomorrow. I am tired and wanting to go lay down and go to sleep. I will be back tomorrow…I promise!

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  1. Britani18 says:

    Congradulations for making the top ten list. You and I did the same thing yesturday because I also watched Touched By An Angel. I really enjoy that show the messages from it are wonderful.


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