A Quick Entry Before Bed…Good Night

I had a good day today. Now, with the time being bedtime, I am heading to bed shortly. Emilee Cuddles is waiting patiently for me to go into the bedroom and sleep. She is already there napping and waiting. I really do not have a lot to say right now. I am tired. I wonder if I can lay in the dark, with a night light on, and sleep…lol. Well, anyway, good night and God Bless and love you all!!!

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1 thought on “A Quick Entry Before Bed…Good Night”

  1. Heehee. I’m afraid it would take something like X-Files or Battlestar Galactica to get me to do that. Well, okay, maybe Bugs Bunny. Matlock just isn’t one of those-gotta-watch-it shows for me. Ah well, have fun!


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