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When I checked to see when the last time I wrote an try, it was only a day ago I had written. Because of the time right now, it feels more than just a day — not writing an entry at all yesterday. No matter how it feels, it feels good to have a place to write on a daily/regular basis anyway. I almost decided not to get online at all tonight because earlier tonight we hda lightning and thunder and the cable kept going out on me here. I had to shut down the computer, for its safety, and unplug it for my added security. I have not lost a computer yet and plan not to now. With school on my brain again, I do not know if I will start classes at the end of the month or in Febryary. I have been seruiusly thinking about starting this month, but I have so much going on in my mind right now, lol. At least it is able to be sorted out.

Today we had in-house inspections, but my apartment, once again, did not get picked to be inspected. I feel somewhat dismayed because I worked hard to prove to the inspector that I do have a home and no a dirty, forsaken, horrible place to live in. Anyway, not sure if the inspections are over, lol, I am going to take it esy tomorrow (Thursday) and do what I do best while relaxing at home. Right now, a little after 11:30 p.m., Wednesday night, II have the television off and bed is a short time away. With my bed turned down so all I have to do is crawl into bed and go to sleep. I had a very long day waiting for inspection to come to my place and I just am really tired now. No late night television for me tonight.

I have one more thing to say tonight before signing off. I have, ever since I have gone to New Mexico and back from the holidays, been sleeping better, good,and well. There was one night I was so wired that I could not sleep that good but tried despite it, and I have been relieved of the insomnia I was so plagued with less than a month ago that lasted for several weeks before that. The neighbor across the hall has made herself known late at night yet, but I hardly hear it now that I have been sleeping better or well at night. I have been sleeping in my bedroom all night long for three nights straight and still counting. I can not wait until the neighbr becomes my former neighbor at the end of this month if her eviction is still happening.

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  1. *~Kristi~*

    They do inspections of your apartment? Isnt that invasion of privacy? You should be able to live however the hell you want when you live in an apartment. The only thing they inspect in our apartments is our filters for the dryers and our smoke alarms.

    Anyway…I hardly write anymore. Ever since I moved into my apartment I havent written much. I dont have access to the internet so I write sporadically. Not that I’m complaining, but feel lucky you can write everyday.

    Sounds like things are going well! Its been all snow over here, feel lucky you are only getting rain. Take care of yourself!


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