Not sure what to title this entry, I decided to leave it blank for now. Not a whole is going on right now really. Being that it is Martin Luther King Jr Day, I have been watching movies related to this day, The Proud Family Mibi=a-thon, an looking all over the internet about this and that related to those who made a change in many lives like MLK Jr. I watched a movie this morning starring Whoopi Goldberg and Sissy Spacek called The Long Walk Home. It was about a lady, named Odessa (played by Whoopi), who was involved with the boycott of Blacks who would not ride the buses because they had to sit at the back of the bus. I was touched by the movie. Then, I began watching a movie with Julia Stiles, Jerry O’Connor, and Bill Smithovich (sp?) called The 60’s. I decided, since it was a longer moviie to record it for later to watch it at another time. I got the idea of the movie to some degree but missed bits and pieces for other reasons. I am going to wait and watch it later tonight. I do not have anything going on until Wednesday anyway, lol.

Anyway, with this being MLK Jr Day, my Credit Union was not open today so KAW and I made plans to get togteher Wednesday morning after my dr’s appointment. No biggie really…she has been sick for a few days with some viral infection and is on antibiotics now anyway. She says she is feeling better
today…thankfully. We have been planning on getting together for several days now and we are not giving up now1 We wouldn’t dare reall

I personally do not think this is the only entry I am going to be writing for the day, but yet I am not sure. I am ok..just busy and a lot of things on my mind this day. I am talking about this day being what it is, school on the 27th, and the neighbor across the hallway, my peace of mind in my own place, and what I am looking forward to on Wednesday with my friend KAW for the day.

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