Still Up But Going To Bed In A Few

I am still up, yes, but bed is coming closer. I will be retiring after I write my entry. I am tired indeed. In fact I have a good reason for being real tird right now, too, but I cannot say here because it is something personal and anyway that personal thing was taken care of before bedtime anyway. I do have to admit one thing though…I would not have gone to bed upset or angry at anyone anyway. I do not sleep well with an angry mind, believe it or not. I am just glad that my personal matter was taken care of and things are smoothed out now…at least I hope so.

I am so used to the cartoon called Recess on at midnight but it is on at 12:30 a.m. tonight. I am in no interest of watching it right now. I am ready for bed now anyway. Emilee Cuddles is waiting patiently at the foot of the couch for me to go to bed in my room anyway. What a patient cat she has been. A very good, cute, sweet, loving little girl! Believe me…not a bad girl at all.

I do intend to be back later today. Right now I am off to bed. Sleep well my friends!

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2 thoughts on “Still Up But Going To Bed In A Few”

  1. *~Kristi~*

    I love cartoons. I think I will always love cartoons even when I am a grown adult.

    I can go to bed mad or angry or frustrated with someone. I dont like it, but I will and save it for the next day when I feel like talking to them, and talk to them decently.

    Anyway glad you got things figured out!


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