I do not know what to title this entry (again). I just looked at the time and cannot believe that it is going on 11 p.m. in Wisconsin now. I try to go to bed and lay down but that did not work for very long. I began my GEN300 class at University of Phoenix online today. Sounds like I have a real nice instructor for the class. It took my counselor and I a while to take care of the online stuff to make Outlook Express work for me but we finally got it working properly with tech support taking us through it. I was glad to get my first day out of the way. In fact, I am disappointed because the day is drawing to a close and tomorrow is soon to obe here. I really enjoyed my first day of class. I SHOULD BE IN BED RIGHT NOW – That is what I am going to title this entry, lol. Ok…here it goes.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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