I feel I am playing catch up here right now. It has been a while since I wrote in my diary here because I have been so busy. I have even been limited to reading other diary entries of my friends. Anyway, I have an update on things and believe me, I have a lot to say today. I do not even know what I would title this entry for one, lol, but that’s ok, because there is so much needed to be said.

School has been going great! In fact, I realy enjoy the online status of classes more than going to a lecture or classroom now that I have experienced both. I am in the third week of class now and it is going smoothly. I do have to admit, even though I have attended class online everyday, I have run into a couple of days of emotion and anxiety that has hindered some of my time online at school but still attended daily. School is going great and I just LOVE it!

Neighbor update…
The neighbor who lives across the hallway from me still lives here. She was not evicted like I thought she was and according to the manager, she thought she was going to have to move as well, but the neighbor is still here. She has not been the most favorite neighbor for many of us here on the third floor. Even I have been avoiding her as much as possible and I have run into her in the hall more than once while I was leaving and so on. She has become a very unpleasant person in language as well. Every time I hear her voice, which is loud and unclear, I get so nervous and shaky. She has called me a bad word twice and I found that very unfavorable in my eyes as she confesses to be a Christian woman. I personally wish she would move out and leave us all alone! as a matter of fact, I can hear her voice from her apartment into my own place right this minute. That is how loud she is! WOW! We do have thin walls here!!

Ever since I have been back from New Mexico for the Christmas holiday I have been sleeping better. I have had a few nights of discomfort and sleeplessness but not often. I have been sleeping good. A couple of weeks ago I took down my couch in the living room and made it a bed. I have been sleeping there or in my bedroom pretty well. Now I have two beds, lol!!!!

For Now
For now I have to run.

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