What Has Been Bothering Me The Most Lately

I really do not know what to say right now. I am bothered by something that is just driving me bananas right now. My heart still aches at the idea of a person who I thought was a friend and turned out quite the opposite. I had to walk away from a friendship because of the hurt I had experienced and my heart still feels that ache I wish I didn’t have to deal with right now. Things are just going in the right direction for me and I am not going to allow this hurt get to me so badly that I give up on what I have accomplished this past four weekk in my academics at University of Phoenix. I do not hide hurt very well and this weekend Friday night at my friend’s house that ache happened all over again. I personally do not like to see my friends hurting because of someone’s stupidity and immaturity as well. The ache and hurt seems to have no end right this minute in life. I believe that this one person I had walked away from loves conflict and the attention she really does not deserve when things go off even the slightest bit. I am upset indeed because of the fact this so-called friend would never come to me if we ever had a problem with each other. Instead she would get my best friend involved and things would seem to have no resolution for any length of time. I do not feel I can ever trust thiis one person any longer. I have my friends and my family and my life to deal with and believe me, I have plenty of support from true friends.

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