It has been a not so fine day whatsoever. I got to feeling ill with cold-like symptoms late Saturday night and sleep has been off last night. I feel tired now but it is a not feeling well kind of tired. The cold-like symptoms I am having right now. I really do have a lot to say right now but it sure has been one of those days where nothing really got done except for homework that is due Wednesday . As a matter of fact, after yesterday, I just wanted to scream, holler, bellow, and ring someone’s neck. The neck I want to ring so badly is not a friend of mine and this man, who is one boy always and forever and will never grow up! I can not be friends with someone like that ever anymore. This so-called man really hurt my feelings and I wish he would just leave someone I know alone and realize that he is a no good idiot. I do not trust this so-called man anymore and believe or it not, I do not like him one bit after what he has done that hurt me so badly. This so-called is nothing but a person who does not care about anyone but himself and sexual desires and getting himself into nothing but trouble. My father has warned me about this kid and believe me, I see nothing but an idiot and a jerk out of this kid.

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