Some Thoughts Before Retiring For the Night

It has been one of those days where my thoughts are just choppy and somewhat do not make sense for some reason. My entries so far today have been short and a few words at two different times. I was not home when I wrote the last two entries of this day. I was at KW and JW’s waiting for time to pass to go meet JW at the bus stop by his work place and when I did leave at 2:45 p.m. to get the bus, JW was already on the bus getting off. He had come home from work practically an hour before he would have originally. I was practically shocked through my skin. Why JW came home an hour earlier is yet beyond me. Oh well.

For some reasn, I had one of thosoe days that time went by on the slow side. Even though time was on the slow side today, I did have a good day. I was so glad to get away from my apartment building and spending the day and my time with JW until KW got home from school. I even stayed, upon request, until 6 p.m. and got home an hour later than my usual schedule. No big deal. I enjoyed the extra hour at their place. I love being JW’s companion and company on Thursdays so much. JW is such a neat guy and I am glad that I know him and his wife well. I love them both so much! Anyway, while I was at their place, I had a good time. During the early part of the afternoon, probably because I was ill for five days and now feel better, I felt so tired that I could barely keep my eyes open when I left. That is such a horrible feeling sometimes. Maybe more strange than horrible anyway.

It is getting late and midnight is soon approaching (4 minutes). I am going to say good night and God bless for now. Have a great Friday night everyone. Keep smiling!

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