Today is Mother’s Day, and my mother lives in New Mexico. I called her and wish her a happy day as well as sent some real nice Mother’s Day poems and such. I am not a mother myself, but an owner of a 15 year old cat, and that is as far as mother I am going to be right now.

Not much going on right now. I have been noticing my monitor here blimping in and out on me a lot the last couple of days and believe me, it is frustrating and annoying more so than being a bugger, lol. My computer is 4.5 years old and I am surprised the monitor has worked this long. It is a manageable blimp, but its surely annoying. It is a pain in the bottom for sure, lol.

Today with it being Mother’s Day, I am feeling a little sad today. My mother lives in New Mexico and so not being able to give her a gift and take her out to lunch or something is making me kind of sad, but I am ok otherwise. I am doing my homework and getting all caught up with my e-mails that have come in the past couple of days.

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