Going to Arkansas

I will be leaving for Arkansas shortly. My friend MEE is going to be picking me up to take me to the bus station where I will heading from to Chicago OHare. I am very excited about my trip. In fact I have been so excited for the past two days that sleep has been very difficult to find and very little of it happened in the past ten hours. I am yawning and so tired that my eyes are watering and the yawning won’t stop. I will sleep on the bus to Chicago and on the plane to Arkansas. Maybe I will catch up on my cleep. If not, I will be gling to bed early when I finally reach my desitnation.

Anyway, this trip is for my birthday which is on Sunday. I will be 35 years old. It has been a long time since I have celebrated my birthday with my parents and family in Arkansas that I was so glad to have the opportunity to do so this year. I am so excited that I do know that anxiety has been playing its role in my life the last several hours and still counting.

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