Time to Say Good Night Once Again

Well my friends it is time for me to go to bed but before I do I just wanted tos ay good night to all of you and talk to you all tomorrow. Tomorrow brings in another fine day and it is time for me to hit the sack so to speak. Tiredness has struck abouta half an hour ago and I decided to play a quick game on my television set until it froze and would not let me play anymore — having to reset the DVR box and waited patiently for it to come back up to good running level. No more games tonight my friends. Bed has found its time here. All is fine. My friend LLD and I had brats, sweet corn from a can, baked beans, and good chat. I think we ate more than we talked because the food was delicious. I had two and a half brats! LOL I am such a little Miss Piggy someetimes! LLD left shortly after supper to do her laundry and I decided to take a quick brek from my real world woes and play a game of hand heldd yahtzee when LLD came back up with a can of pop for me telling me that another neighbor wanted me to call her. I thought how rude! What time do I have for myself now? Some people just do not care anymore in this place. I can not have too much peace here or anywhere unless I was at my parent’s home in Arkansas, New Mexico, or at my friends JW ad KW’s place. Monday can be right this second I can tell you.

I have to go now. Eyes are dropping downward to close and I can not even see straight and my vision is pretty blurry right now, and I am coughing up a storm – that dratted dry cough that drives me bananas1 Bye for now and good night my friends. Bye for now but no forever. Now I am waiting patiently for my friend KW to call and say good night. 🙂

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