Adios Negativity

Boy, do I really have a right to be peeved and not very happy right now. As a matter of fact, for two days – from Sunday to last night – I did not speak to five friends, and to be honest with you, I am now speaking to four friends and letting a so-called friend sit in her own world. Yes, a person who I thought was a friend is no longer a friend. I have decided to let negativity go and positive stay. This person has really caused havoc among me and four friends to the point I did almost walk away from four friends for good. I can not even go into detail at this point because I have been so deeply hurt and can not even trust this one person anymore, and that realy aches the heart I do have. I cannot even think straight right now as the memory of what happened Sunday night still lingers not far from my mind. Negativity is going to take a flying leap and that includes this one person who I thought was a friend but this so-called friend has really damaged something and the trust will not be replaced because I am no longer going to speak to this person. Four friendships have been practically jepordized here!

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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