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Well my dear friends at Dear Diary. All seems to be working wonderful here on my new computer and believe me, I have noticed a lot of things with this computer that was NOT working right on my former computer which is still in a box in my kitchen. I am still mad at the idea of the other computer not working properly and having to buy this new one of mine but believe me, the enthusiasm is beginning to work on me enough. I am amazed at the speed of the new computer believe me, but comparing this one with my old one, I now know pretty much what was wrong with the other “slower” computer. I went from a Pent 2 to a Pent 4 computer and believe me I do love the speed. I get things done quicker. Loading my MS Office 2003 onto this computer was fast and furious, and I love what this computer does for me that the other one did for a short time until all the problems began to surface AFTER the CD ROM went caput in it. I am still mad at that, and believe me, I am glad to have a nice new computer all in the same breath. At least I can still go to school online. I will be back later today sometime. IT is after midnight here and I should have been in bed hours ago. Good night everyone. This is a quickie for now.

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