Another Day Has Come and Gone

Well my friends, another day has come and gone and it just about time for me to go to bed. About a half an hour ago I began to see, feel, and understand that I could not keep my eyes open too much longer. Even though I am retiring to bed for the night just a little bit before midnight, I do have to admit that another day has come and gone and tomorrow is going to be a fairly busy day for me. I really have not had the time to really write much because I have been busy with the last bit of class – class ends on August 15, a week from tomorrow (Tuesday).. I wish I had the time or the energy to write more and get my thoughts written down but I have been yawning a lot lately after the fact that my day has drawn to a close. A week of no class will be a fine little break for me until my math 208 and 209 begin in the last week of August and September – (dates not sure at the moment) – just two math classes back to back in August and September (maybe even October).

Norton Anti-Virus has stopped a trojan virus from affecting or getting onto my computer tonight. I am a very happy person tonight. I have no idea WHY I had Grisoft’s AVG Antivirus before and believe me, I am definitely happy with Norton. I just wonder why people have such a hype over Norton or McAfee these days? I have been learning that it is a personal preference from person to person, individual to individual. I do have to admit that I have made a mistake having Grisoft’s AVG Antivirus on before and I AM HAPPY to have Norton Antivirus on now.

Well my friends, I have to go. My Emilee Cuddles is telling me to go to bed now and I am getting real tired now. Good bye for now…

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