Hanging In There

I have once again been a little absent in writing in my journal/diary here these days because of school. I have been working very hand and believe me when I say I have been busy in and out of school. I feel that my journal writing has had a lot of gaps in-between datees because I have been so busy and too tired to write by the time I am done with class for the day. Honestly, I am glad to be taknig a break from math for five weeeks and in another class based on relgion and believe me, I am happy to have a break with math. In fact, in the next five weeks I am aiming to test out of the next math class with is math 209 and I have two tries to do so and believe me, I am going to be studyong. Right now, I am studying to take a proficiency math exam to test out of math 209 and in my REL I-333 class.

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  1. *~Kristi~*

    I believe everyone is getting busier these days. I dont blame you for wanting to test out of your math class. I would love to do that also. Good luck!


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