Last Day of October Thoughts

Good late afternoon here in Wisconsin. It has been cloudy and overcast all day long with rain in the forecast for this day. What a perfect Halloween kind of day for everyone who celebrates the occasion. Not me…I am older now and live in a building that does not allow kids to come in and get candy from door to door. Anyway, Halloween is not the same anymore where when I was younger, we went out in the dark of night trick and treating – now it is still daylight for the kids to go door to door. So much bad things happen now a days that makes this whole world sad from time to time. What makes it worse is the fact that down the road is a halfway house for those men who just got out of jail and have a chance to live independently as much as possible with rules still under the roof. That is creepy enough. I won’t go out there tonight to even take my Molly pup friend for a leisurely stroll around the block tonight. Why am I seemingly spooked? It is because I believe Halloween should not even be a holiday of dress up and going door to door. That is why I am spooked today somewhat.

Anyway, on a better note, my Religion class is now over and Math 209 begins tomorrow morning – yeah! I will be attending my eighth class at University of Phoenix tomorrow. This class I just ended was fun and worthwhile. From what marks I have been getting, I am going to get a A in the class with no problem – even a B if the team paper and presentation isn’t our best work as a team throughout the three weeks we worked together. Anyway, I am looking forward to Math 209 tomorrow! Yeah!

Today marks the last day of October … November beginning in several hours from now. This weekend was fabulous to a point. To tell of something funny, I do have to admit that I forgot about Daylight’s savings time this time around. Look what happens when my mom does not call me to remind me? LOL. I was reminded by my friend KW and I forgot anyway, lol. With today being the last day of October, I am looking forward to the month of November beginning in so many hours from now.

To touch base on what happened this weekend, I do have to admit that I had a little bit of fear of what my blood work would be like when I got them done on Friday. Yes, I was so nervous that I was a total ball of fear. I did not rely on God taking care of me at all at the moment before I found out how good my blood counts were. How embarassing! Anyway, my kidney’s health is doing great and November 16th, I will be going to Madison for my yearly check up and flu shot.

Time for me to go for now. Bye for now.

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  1. Britani18 says:

    I’m glad you are doing well, and I understand about Halloween too; it’s not my favorite holiday ethier, but I do enjoy handing out candy, this year I had to work and then I went home a did homework. Now, I’m all caught up in school and doing good. Have a great day my friend and God bless.


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