What I Need To Say Tonight

I have a lot on my mind and sleep has become a problem for me once again. I have been working so hard in math that it is driving me wild already, lol. Anyway, where I live, the surroundings have changed slightly but not totally. the “bad” tenants are now gone or moving out and new tenants are moving in who are very good people. Just several weeks ago I had a new neighbor move into the apartment across the hallway from me and she is a very pleasant person. A new neighbor moved in down the hall from me and is the sweetest person I have ever met. This person knew my grandfather Clarence Fox very well even though this nice lady worked for Van Galder Bus Company my Grandna Myra once worked. I just have been having some feelings about the place I am living at now and believe me, I am mixed up right now in my head. LOL, I am always mixed up in my head.

I have passed my seventh class at University of Phoenix online with an A. It was awesome!

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