Belated, But Merry Christmas

Well my friends, everything is fine. I am doing fine even though I have been very busy and on vacation from school this past wek and will be returning from my school break tomorrow on December 27th. I have spent my time up north in Gays Mills, Wisconsin visiting my Aunts and Uncles for the Christmas Holiday. Now with the holiday just about over, I will be returning home tomorrow evening where Emilee Cuddles has had the best of care of two different worlds – her Auntie Linda and a new neighbor, RC. I will be glad to be home when I get there but I am surely NOT WANTING to go home now, either, lol. I hate leaving home and when I do leave to go home, I am fine after a while. My Aunt, who I am staying with has kept me real busy and outgoing and now I just do not know what to do with my time when I get home other than hitting the books once again and getting through my third week of class. I am surviving my last class of the financial aid year.

I need to go for now.

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