Good Bye VCR, Hello to a Better Day

MEE came by a little before 9 a.m., disconnected my VCR and hooked up the DVD player to the ol’ modulator in order for me to watch DVD movies. MEE was here for about a half an hour talking to me and spending time with me while he was hooking up and disconnecting the ol’ eye sore of a VCR. When he left, he took the ol’ eye sore of a VCR, and from that moment on, my day got better as time went on. I may not have a VCR at this time but honestly, I am ok with that 100%. I plan on getting a new VCR in the near future along with a new television. That is my plan at this time during the day of January 2, 2006. Good bye VCR and hello to a better day!

Author: ksmiley

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