I Wish I Could Speak My Mind in a Christian Manner

Honstly…yesterday was an emotional day. Let me show you why…a student who happens to be on my team for Financial Accounting II wrote this for his summary:

Explain how well or how poor you have worked with your Learning Team throughout the project?

This has been one of the most challenging teams I have been associated with since joining UOP. It has been my experience that each team has individual members that possess various strengths and weaknesses but collectively the team begins to function as one unit prior to the conclusion of the course. This has not occurred on this team.

Individual members were more concerned about just passing the course versus striving for excellence in every facet of ACC 363 course curriculum. I think I can shelter majority of the blame for this team not being able to function as a high performance team because I took the initiative to complete all of the team problems in this course prior to the conclusion of week 2. My team members relied on me to review, amend, and correct all of our team assignments prior to posting to the instructors folder. We should have been reviewing and amending the problem answers as a team versus one individual.

What was the most complicated challenge for you to deal with the members of your team?

Each week the team on average was required to complete two team problems, so I elected to complete one entire team problem by myself, and allow the remaining team members to complete one problem collectively. What was frustrating for me was the other members did not develop timelines, project assignments, nor a review process to ensure the answers were correct. Each problem was completed at the last minute which did not allow for a group discussion prior to posting to the assignment folder.

What do you think you achieved in your interactions with the diversity of your team members?

The most important element I achieved was to you a contingency plan when other members do not produce the desired results outlined in our team charter.

I was appalled as so were other students about what was said. I felt that he aired his “dirty laundry” to the whole class in regards to the group work we did. A student, who happened to be on the same team as I, who has become a good friend of mine during the past five weeks, was deeply hurt by his words and thoughts. There were words exchanged during this time last night and I definitely admit that I may have not been the Christian woman I have professed to be during this time. This student has also said that he hopes that our paths do not ever cross again and believe me, I wish the same thing in my hurting heart. I even wonder, honestly, if I am forgiving as I told another good friend of mine this morning. Anger has risen in my heart in this matter last night and I still feel the anger but it is not as much. Am I forgiving as I say I am earlier this morning.

What have you learned from the team members’ interaction? Support your answer by real world experience.

I have learned to be more patient with others and that we all work at different paces. Also, I understand some students are happy with earning average grades which translates into the effort they forth in learning new concepts and materials. Some students do not challenge themselves to be the best they can be.

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  1. Hmm, sounds like the kind of person who’s a perfectionist and has high goals. He’s going to knock a lot of people over with his expectations and unwillingness to lead properly. A pity. I wonder if he’ll ever learn how much more effective a team can be when you support others rather than assume you’re carrying them.


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