Adventure No. 1

I had a fairly good time in New Mexico with my mom and her husband. We were busy the entire time I was there pretty much. I went to class at University of Phoenix on a Macintosh instead of on a PC like the one I am working on now (my computer at home). It was a wonderful experience and in the future I will, unless plans change, will be getting Mom’s Macintosh when she gets a new one. How exciting!! I did not feel all that great because I had the symptoms of an UTI but I drank a lot of water and tea while I was there keeping myself cleaned out the best I could until I got home Friday night. Keeping myself, with my mother and her husband, busy really helped me get my mind off the fact I had UTI symptoms.

We did not go anywhere special as I have been to the Carlsbad Caverns three times on previous trips, but we did go visit a friend of Lon’s (mom’s husband) for a while, went out to eat a few times, ate good and yummy meals at home, worked out at the Gold’s Gym my mother goes to three times a week. When we went out to eat at Denny’s and Taco Bell the service in both places were lousy and slow. Denny’s did not have a lot of the food on their menu and Taco Bell ran out of taco shells! The only place that had good service was The Red Chimney (barbecue place) and a Mexican restuarant at the El Paso Airport when I headed back home. I had gotten new shoes, a solitaire (electronic) game, my mother’s stuffed foxes she has/had collected throughout the years and passed them on to me, t-shirts of places my mom and her husband visited on their trips before I visited at the beginning of the month, and so much more. I was very well taken care of — and had a good time — slept good and ate good, and enjoyed myself…

Despite how I felt, I had a good time in New Mexico and I am sorry to say that this last trip to New Mexico is my last visit because my mom and her husband will be moving and living on the road in their new RV when they get it later this summer so I will not know when it it will be my next state I will be visiting when I see them. I will be seeing them again later this summer or early Fall season as they will be coming up to Wisconsin to bring me my “new” but used (Grandma and Grandpa Fox’s) table and chairs for my kitchen which means I will be selling my “used” but good table and chairs.

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