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I thought I would write quickly to let you know that I am still around. School and life has been keeping my busy. Yes, as yesterday’s mention that I am now cataract free as of last Thursday, I am so happy to be able to see. Having dealt with cataracts for seventeen years I have forgotten how important it was for a person to see so well. Yes, I can se well now if you want me to compare the last five years of seeing what I did see but really didn’t in the past week! It is like I have gained a second sight and I can not say more. Even though I have dealt with the right eye being cataract free for the past five years, it sure pays to be able to see with both eyes today. I regret not having my eyes done sooner and closer together in time. I have no idea why I waited five years to have my left eye done. I am just glad to have both eyes now cataract free.

School and life have taken a lot of my time indeed but I do still do my best o find time to write in my thoughts when I feel important. I am still here and there are no plans to leave here at this time. I have been very serious about my education from day one since I became a student at University of Phoenix online classes and it does sometimes make me feel drained and lost in a whole dkfferent world. As a matter of fact I have had very little contact with a few of my friends here in town because I have been super duper busy. I have become busy and intend to stay busy because staying idle is not me anymore.

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