A Farewell to Emilee Marie Cuddles Karnopp

Emilee had lived her final day with me yesterday, at the age of 16 years, at her final home, with me until 5 p.m.. She had been unable to keep food down for the past few days, and knowing that something was wrong, I took her to the vet, knowing that cancer was eating her alive inside. She is no longer with me in physical nature but in heart and mind. Emilee was my first cat I have gotten on June 2, 1990. Emilee is no longer suffering.

Farewell to Emilee Marie Cuddles Karnopp
June 1, 1990 – November 14, 2006

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  1. Hi there, sorry to read about your cat. I lost my sweet boy a few weeks ago. He was only 12 and had a stroke , very sudden and sad. His buddy Chloe misses him so much its heart-breaking.Take care

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