A Quick Hello

Good evening! I just thought I would say hello quickly to all my friends and readers of Dear Diary before retiring to bed for the night. I am in Arkansas right now visiting family this Thanksgiving weekend and will be returning home to Wisconsin on Sunday. I did arrive to Arkansas on time – actually leaving Chicago O’Hare Airport fifteen minutes late and arriving at Fayetteville’s XNA Airport fifteen minutes early. Figure that one out! I guess the plane made good air/flying time. Flying in the evening was beautiful and amazing…I could see all the lights on the ground from lighted buildings and homes. I even thought that the runway at XNA airport had three beautiful colors of white, blue, and red – Christmas colors practically so many days before December! Christmas is being found by decorations being up days before Thanksgiving! WOW! Before too long we are going to be celebrating Christmas all year round, lol…

Right now I have two weeks off of school. I just finished Business Law II / BUS422 and that class was found to be a struggle and a long five weeks. I did not give up, though! I wanted to give up at one point during the five weeks but I knew very well that if I did give up I would have to take the class again later on before graduating from college. I stuck to the end.

I cannot believe that Emilee Marie Cuddles Karnopp has been gone since last Tuesday, November 14. 2006.

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  1. I’m not surprised you still expect to see her. I still keep getting reminders of Kenda, and sometimes find myself looking for him. You did, after all, love her greatly. It’s that love that will help the healing.


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