Back Home Safe and Sound …

I am now back home from my vacation/trip to Arkansas for the Thanksgiving holiday. The flight home was nice and it seemed quick. Knowing that I did not have a cat to go home, I was still happy to set my feet back in my city where I lived by lunch time. When the Van Galder bus finally reached Janesville from Chicago my heart was feeling the home atmosphere and my heart was glad even though I left a part of my heart back in Arkansas with my family. Anyway, I am back home safe and sound and soon to retire for the night as I am tired and ready to go to sleep any time now. I have a busy day tomorrow here at home as I am going to prepare my home for my new cat I will be getting for Christmas.

While I was in Arkansas getting online with my laptop was like pulling teeth from time to time. That is why I was on and off line throughout my five day visit. The signal to my computer was not the greatest but at least I got online off and on and was able to get a few things done such as email and a couple of journal entries. Now that I am home, I know I can get online at any given time on my desktop and/or my laptop.

I will write more tomorrow…

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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