Introducing Bing Noel “Crosby” Karnopp

It has been a month and four days now since Emilee Marie Cuddles Karnopp died and today I went to the Rock County Humane Society to pick out my new cat, the very cat I was able to see for a moment while he was still his his small cage this past Friday. I had gotten a call from RCHS today to let me know that I my application to adopt a new cat was accepted and it was within minutes I had left my place to bring my cat home — the very cat I saw the previous Friday — for Christmas. I had decided not to go anywhere for Christmas this year because I had to spend my time to get to know my new cat and my Aunt “J” understood. I wasn’t in the mood to celebrate the Christmas holiday this year anyway because of the fact I had lost my first precious little girl Emilee Marie Cuddles Karnopp to death last month. When I had gotten to the RCHS in a few minutes flat, lol, waiting for the place to open to adopters to look at adoptees was the hardest but doable but every minute and every second just seemed to go by slowly to the point that I thought my world was at a standstill for a moment, but really wasn’t. The excitement was so very high and driving me crazy for the time being, because I wanted that precious white cat who I saw on Friday before anybody else saw him and wanted him. Having a male cat was my plan this time around because of the fact that I already had a female cat and needed to experience something somewhat new.

Finally RCHS opened to the public and I walked right in and knew exactly what I wanted and where I was going. This white cat, with blue eyes, was soon taken out of the cage where he was staying, and I walked to a room and held him for a while. He loved to be held and he gave me a lot of kisses right away, and within 45 minutes, I had signed the adoptee’s papers and took him home for Christmas. The name that he was given was Bing Crosby and so I decided to keep the name because of the fact that I liked the singer/actor Bing Crosby and the fact that Bing was a white cat with blue eyes, and he had only been at the RCHS for only 3 weeks and found a home for Christmas was the reason why I had kept the name.

I now have a new cat who is white, blue eyed, male, about 1 years old, very loving, cuddly, and loves people!

Welcome Home Bing Noel Crosby Karnopp!

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  1. IamNina says:

    Congratulations. Bing sounds great. One of my two cats (Henry) is white with beautiful blue eyes, but he has never been cuddly like his brother. He is afraid of strangers, but he likes Irving and me. He is a good cat. I hope Bing will live fo many years, and be a real blessing to you.

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